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These links have not been maintained since I stopped running the Trevithick-Day website in 2008. I plan to update them soon.

Other sites with information about Richard Trevithcik

The Trevithick Socety
The Trevithick Society, the oldest industrial preservation society in the world, and its work in Cornwall and elsewhere. The Trevithick Society built a 2001 replica of Richard Trevithick's 1801 road carriage.  You can find out more about it on their web site, which also has a good collection of other information about Trevithick and the society.
Alan And Geoff's Old Merthyr Tydfil
A site dedicated to Old Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. This site holds an on-line collection of historical postcards and photographs of the area. Of particular note to visitors of this site is a section on there about Trevithick and about the Penydarren Locomotive.
Trevithick's 1804 Locomotive at the museum of Wales
This replica of Trevithick's 1804 Penydarren locomotive is at the National Museum Wales.

Anne Roerkohl dokumentARfilm GmbH
This company develops and realises multimedia concepts for exhibitions and produces audio-visual media for museums, memorials, television stations and other clients from the culture and media sectors.
They have produced an educational DVD on the industrial revolution in Great Britain, which Richard Trevithick features in.
Treasures of the Science
Museum - Power
Trevithick's High-Pressure Engine c1806
This small example, the only nearly-complete one known to have survived, was built by Trevithick's favorite maker.
The Science museum also have this biography of Trevithick.
Spartacus Educational
Part of the Spartacus website.   A good history, detailing some of Trevithick's achievements along with several pictures.

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