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These links have not been maintained since I stopped running the Trevithick-Day website in 2008. I plan to update them soon.

Other usefull Cornwall related sites.

Camborne Town Council
The Camborne Town Council website is a must to visit if you are interested in knowledge of all aspects of the Town, historical, commercial and cultural.
Of Particular interest to people may be the Camborne Town Forum, where you can take part in discussions about Camborne.
Camborne Rugby Football Club
Camborne Rugby Football Club, "The Cherry and Whites", was formed in 1878.
The club has provided the Cornish County team with many fine players over its history, some of which achieved the ultimate accolade of being selected for their country.
Camborne Town Band
Camborne Town Band was formed in 1841.
The band has maintained Championship status for the last 55 years.
Both Trevithick-Day dances are led by Camborne Town Band, playing the specially arranged 'Trevithick's Tune'.
They also appear in the town square on Trevithick-Day. A full list of engagements, along with a wealth of information about them can be found on their site.
King Edward Mine
King Edward is typical of many small Cornish mines of the first decade of the 20th Century. Remarkably it has survived almost intact and today is the oldest complete mine site in Cornwall. All of the buildings are Listed Grade 2 star which means that they are considered to be of national importance. Situated a small distance from Camborne Town Center, this place is well worth a visit.
St. john's Catholic Primary School
St. john's Primary School is one of the many local schools that take part in Trevithick-Day.
Primary school children are encouraged to take part in the children's dance each year.
There are also schools exhibitions held on the day.
Suppliers of entertainment and attractions for all events
Stilts, Unicycling, penny farthing, juggling, & more
BigTopMania can be seen throughout the day around Camborne on Trevithick-Day
The Hidaway  is an online gallery of Digital Photographs taken from all over Cornwall. On this site are a collection of photographs taken at Trevithick-Day 2005.
Northmead Online
Northmead Online  is all about Vintage And Classic Vehicles, and Camping and Caravanning in Cornwall.
There is also a wealth of links for clubs, owner's sites, rallies, and parts.
Sharpos World
Sharpos World contains hundreds of quality photographs of steam vehicles. The main subject is steam locomotives, from miniature to full-size. Other steam-powered vehicles are featured, such as traction engines, steam rollers etc.
A large collection of photographs from the Trevithick-Day 2002 event can be found in the 'Steam Power in the UK' section of the site.
Cornish Funfairs
Cornish Funfairs is a website that specialises in detailing histories and events in the Duchy.
There are also some nice photographs of their vehicles, and machines etc.
Cornwall Businesses
Cornwall Businesses is a new directory for people looking to find information on businesses in Cornwall."
As well as containing information about their own annual Easter steam up & road run, the many pages on the site feature pictures from other steam rallies and events.
The site also has a very good list of links to other steam related sites. is a very good listing of steam events in the UK. The site is brought to you by Melvyn Write, who runs other sites that may be of interest to enthusiasts (especially organ music ones). The other sites can be found by visiting
The Cornwall Arts Marketing Events Website
This site, run by Cornwall Arts Marketing, Is a very good base from which to find events throughout the year taking place in Cornwall.
Cornwall's Longest Established And Most Comprehensive On-line and Off-line Supply of Daily and Regular Information on Weather and What's On.  is designed to provide as much information and as many photos/paintings of Cornwall as possible.
They also sell high quality photographs of Cornwall on CD ROM.
The Tregellas Tapestry
The Tregellas Tapestry is a pictorial story of Cornwall with panels portraying the milestones of Cornwall's rich history and culture from prehistoric to modern times.
The Pennydarren bi-centenary celebration
There is a planned celebration to commemorate the bi-centenary of Richard Trevithick's historic journey with the "Penydarren" locomotive on 21st February 1804.
Find out about it at this website.
The Traction Engine Pages
The Traction Engine Pages are full of information for owners and enthusiasts of traction engines.  They also have a section devoted to listing other events where you may find traction engines.
Cornwall CAM
A nice selection of digital photographs of Cornwall by Charles Winpenny.
Photographs are also available on cd rom.
The Camborne Chamber of Commerce
There are many web sites promoting Cornwall and Cornish businesses.  The Camborne Chamber of Commerce web site is the one dedicated to Camborne with local news and events as well as business promotion.
Run by Cornish Weekly newspapers Ltd., this site is a must for people interested in Cornish news.
Tourism Cornwall tourist information in Cornwall.
CornwallGenWeb Designed to assist your Cornish family history research.
They also have a good selection of links to other Cornish Sites.
The Cornish Miners Association
The Cornish Miners Association (CMA) was born out of a determination by ex-miners to remain as a close- knit community.
The Royal Cornwall Museum
As well as a history of Cornwall and a world famous collection of minerals, The Royal Cornwall Museum has a diverse range of temporary exhibitions, many of which have free admission.
Bash Street Company
Bash Street Company are regular visitors to Trevithick-Day with their fast-moving comic-strip shows and street entertainment.
Cornwall Wildlife Trust
Cornwall Wildlife Trust - founded in 1962 - are concerned solely with Cornwall and deal with all aspects of conserving the county's wildlife and habitats.
The Trust has established over 50 nature reserves, in which examples of each of Cornwall's habitats give refuge to nationally rare and endangered species.
The Eden Project
The Eden Project is a millennium project based in Cornwall, England. Two giant conservatories are being constructed to nurture plants from the steamy rainforests and from the warm temperate regions of the world. These covered biomes will create a majestic backdrop to the ‘roofless’ biome, home to the plants of the temperate regions, from Britain to Chile and beyond. Is a site providing many links to cornish businesses and tourist information related websites.
The London Cornish Association
The London Cornish Association,founded in 1898, play a major role in promoting Cornwall and the Cornish people in the Capital as well as overseas.

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